Past Entries

These are my previous blog entries, some of them contain bits and pieces of my life, some are messy posts, some contain my deepest thoughts, and each one of them is worth remembering.

June 2009

Breathlessly Extraordinary

Sealed with Fate

Rainy Thursdays, Random Thoughts

Reaching Out, Giving In

May 2009

I Have Trich, But Trich Doesn’t Have Me

Falling in Love with Alay ni Ignacio

Ever heard of trichotillomania?

April 2009

Hong Kong, fasting, among other things

A time to stress, a time to rest (the exciting way)

February 2009

These Little Children

December 2008

White Horses

November 2008

Multitasking is never my thing (Calculus book lying unnoticed on my lap)

Start of Something New

Stumbling upon KC Concepcion

Making up for lost time

With 9 Days Left of Sembreak

October 2008

Freewriting Post

Books: The Nuggets of Wisdom

Diary Entry: Friday with Friends

Sleepy thoughts

Things to do before sembreak ends

9 Days of Sem Break

Letting it spill with words and swift fingertips feels so good.

88 Things to Do in My Life

A Reading Checklist