Travel Blog Entry #1

Yesterday afternoon, I made a photo slideshow for a change. Maybe it’s just the Internet connection, but sadly the image resolution on the video seemed lower than in the originals.

South Korea is a beautiful, culture-rich country. The people are very hardworking and kind, the meals simple and healthy, every Korean-made product speaks of the highest quality.

Not being able to read road signs, brand names, magazines, and newspapers for six days has been a little frustrating for one who loves to read anything and everything, but this girl has become fascinated with how much the country has grown from being a poor nation to one that has one of the most promising economies today.

To experience what South Korea is a blessing-the country that gave birth to K-Pop, The Face Shop, Samsung, Hyundai, LG, and Koreanovelas-is like firsthand. Now I know how Koreans manage to have such clear skin and dress so stylishly: cosmetics stores are all over the place in Seoul, and the night market on Myeongdong Street is a haven for Korean street fashion.

I loved how coffee shops are everywhere. It was a delight to see a different café on every street from our foggy bus window.

The best part about the tour is that it was me and my family’s first time to experience winter. My sister brought along a glass jar in the hopes of catching a snowflake, although we only got to see very little snowfall during one freezing evening outside a restaurant near Konjiam Resort, a ski resort owned by LG Corporation in Gwangju-si City. Then again, that unanticipated snow falling around us like minuscule balls of white cotton already felt magical.

* * *

I wish I could spend more time writing about my recent travels, as well as about events that transpired the year before, but this pile of schoolwork keeps weighing heavily on me right when I got back to Manila. And so for now this is what I’ve got. :)