Since she was little, she has always fantasized about being a princess. Like in those Disney stories she reads. To have a gallant prince sweep her off her feet, to live in an ancient castle with looming towers, to be clothed in exquisite dresses.

Alas, it is but a fantasy. However, a princess also dutifully serves her country’s people. That is her real dream. To be able to serve, to lead, to inspire.

She longs to prove to you what a seemingly quiet, meek lady can do. Behind this quietude is a woman striving for a sense of direction, a single passion, her own great idea that could change the world and make this earth a better, brighter place.

She dreams of a world where the people would stop fighting and start to see how beautiful life can be. To celebrate humanity with all its diversity and beauty. To make people see that every person is unique, but in the end, they are all the same. That they are living on the same planet and breathing the same air. That every human being must find and serve its purpose. After all, merely existing is completely different from living with passion.


“Whenever a man does a thoroughly stupid thing, it is always from the noblest motives.” – Oscar Wilde

This is a girl who wants to live life without regrets. To do every beautiful, fulfilling, and wonderful thing that life has to offer, no matter how crazy, improbable, and insane it might sound. She believes that every dream that can be imagined can come true. She believes in miracles and magic. She craves for art, creativity, excitement, stories, books, photography, philosophy, science, maths, food, music, film, and everything that makes life worth living for. She wonders how some people can afford to be bored, when there is so much to do, so much to see, so many things to fulfill.

If only she were creative enough, she would paint the world with happiness and love.

But then, anybody who wants to become an artist can be an artist. They just have to open their minds, look inside themselves, and think deeply.

I am Desiree Grace Tan, 17, college student, a Filipino citizen with Chinese descent.

The things mentioned above only scratches the surface of who I am and what I want to be, of course. No amount of words could be enough to explain who you are, for a knowing a person is far more than reading words and phases strung together. Nonetheless, writing is a powerful tool, and this is how I can best express myself.

Writing gives me a sense of happiness and fulfillment whenever I finish an essay or article, look back on what I have written, thinking that I may somehow be able to evoke a thought or feeling in someone. This blog is just a start for this frustrated writer to improve her writing, hoping that one day, words would be able touch a life or two, to inspire, to inform, to give meaning to life, straight from the thoughts of a fearless princess.


One thought on “Me

  1. Can you write a short fairytale story?? I’ve always wanted to illustrate one, but my writing sucks. I’m 16 by the way. :))

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