From selflessness to fearlessness

fearless princess

Dear followers and subscribers,

This is a post to formally announce that, four years, 43 posts and 93 comments later, it is finally time for this little blog of mine to retire. The entries here will always stay published, but I admittedly do not wish to be reminded of what I wrote in the past four years anymore. So much has changed in between, and I want to let go of so many things in order to give room for better one. I’ve learned over the past few years that it’s best to keep moving forward and to avoid turning back as much as you can.

Also, I find that I do not identify with selfless dreams anymore. Striving to be a selfless person is well and good, although, I do not wish to stay a dreamer all my life.

And so, I’ve moved here:

If ever you would still wish to follow me on my new blog, I will do my all to ensure that my posts will now be more visually appealing, interesting, substantial, and relevant.

Again, thank you so much for your support on this little blog of mine!

Have a blessed Christmas, dear readers! <3


Lots of love,


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