New Beginnings


Back2School by lilpuddlejumpers

Another semester commences tomorrow. Fresh notebooks, new beginnings. I see us students who enter into a new semester to be facing another pristine white canvass, armed with colorful lessons learned from previous years, ready to paint new pictures and experiences that the craziness of university life brings us.

I plan to start the new semester tomorrow and perhaps every day after that by not expecting anything–except that I will certainly try to do my best in each class, in every activity, and to make lasting memories in each challenging, excruciating, thrilling, unexpected step I take. There is still so much to learn out there. It is my (and perhaps everyone else’s) mission to strive to fit even at least one little piece to the grand puzzle of life each day.

It makes me smile that I am finally going to study Theology and Psychology, two subjects I have been intrigued about for a long time now. The former which I only always hear from friends, and the latter which I read about in borrowed (and almost always overdue) library textbooks and magazines. I can’t wait to learn from real people who practice each discipline, together with curious students around me. Ditto with Western History. I am quite thankful that I am getting Jose Tirol, one of the most well-loved and legendary history professors in campus as my Hi18 professor. Add to the collection my two other majors: Communication Society and Leadership & Strategy. Communication and leadership: two aspects of myself that need much improvement–for my future career that still looks as hazy as a window covered with mist, for my struggle to keep up with the demands of a postmodern society and as well as my own personal plans. Of course, I won’t forget Accounting 15, Part II. Perhaps, with even more hard work and focus, I’ll get that much-coveted A this time. Top that with learning some yoga poses twice a week, and for once a week, shaping young minds with what little I myself have learned, keeping faith that I will leave them with wisdom-filled thoughts that could last a lifetime.

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” ~ Reinhold Neibuhr


One thought on “New Beginnings

  1. Hey Dess!! Good luck on this new semester!! I know you’ll get that much-coveted A in accounting. Don’t give up!! I know you’ll do well in your other subjects because you’re a very enthusiastic student, great attitude by the way. *wink*wink* Anyway, good luck again!!

    P.S. BTW, you really paint nice pictures when you write. I find it amusing to always read your blog. Hehehehe…

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