A Beautiful Mess

JUST two weeks into my sophomore year, I find myself in this huge mess. I have made so many mistakes, including submitting my feature article two days after it was due (which led to my editor’s sheer disappointment), as well as not submitting my accounting homework due to frustration and helplessness. I have lost so many things, including my book, My Sister’s Keeper, and two water jugs. I have had my share of humiliating experiences, including tripping over my own feet while showing off my so-called talent during my first TnT (Talk and Tours) training day and being at a loss for words while doing a spiel for tours during the third training day.

So many more events have happened and I wish I could chronicle them all. Embarrassing and “fail” moments notwithstanding, I can say that so far, my sophomore year is quite more than I thought it to be. I have made so many wonderful new friends. But I must remember to always keep in touch with old ones. TnT training made me go through so many firsts, including rolling around the muddy grass in SEC Field, to dancing the Banana dance in front hundreds of people. Being part of the Talk and Tours, I was reminded of what it feels to be really be alive, how let go and be crazy, how to simply enjoy the company of amazing people. I sometimes kind of forget that. My Law 11 and SA 21 professors are astounding, while my totally boring by-the-book Eco 102 professor really is testing my attentiveness. Must care to listen still.

Because of The Guidon, I have realized firsthand that I still have a long way to go in developing my writing skills. I could very well say that being part of this publication has tested my humility and confidence. I wonder if I am taking this craft seriously right now, if I dream of becoming a writer for Time magazine or the Associated Press someday. Writing for Newsweek would also be great, or Reader’s Digest, or The New York Times….

My classes are getting really tougher now, and the organizations I signed up for now expect so much from me. Then again, I find no reason to grumble and whine. This is college, after all. And I am loving every moment.


2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Mess

  1. *saw you doing the banana* …..*speechless* hahahah xDD Great Job !!!

    Don’t worry about FAIL it is part of life. As my best friend told me, if at first you don’t succeed you are not CHuck Norris xD

    Keep Fighting,

    Keep Smiling

    cause Life is GreaT

  2. hey dess!! natuloy ka pala magTnT!!hahahaha…goodluck bukas!! and about the Guidon, i read your article…kumuha tlga ako ng copy ng Guidon nung isang araw because i remembered that you were on their team…hahahaha…nice one!!hehehehe…don’t worry too much on your studies and org stuff…you can do it!!

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