Sealed with Fate

Because i am tempted, but not too tempted..

Let me just post it here.

I am itching to post my class schedule on Plurk, Facebook, Twitter, for everyone to see… admittedly just because I see everyone doing it.

But I don’t want to join the bandwagon for once.

My schedule for this second semester is kind of weird, seeing as I have 2 hours of classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, then 5 and a half hours of classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I kind of like it that way, though. Now I have plenty of study time and extra-curricular time on MWFs.

First Semester of my Sophomore Year in the Ateneo

Instead of lovely Italian, I serendipitously ended up with timeless Japanese as my FLC (Foreign Language Class). At first I wanted to change it through load revision, but then again, Japanese might not be so bad. Languages are incomparable after all. Each language has some degree of beauty and difficulty in it, and whether it be Japanese, French, or Italian, I think they’re all beautiful languages. Japanese sounds like fun, and all my friends who took it said so, too. I just love how unpredictable things can turn out. It’s even more fun to choose to accept it, since perhaps this strange turn of events would lead me to something even better. (Goodbye, load revision!)

As for my other subjects, I am so happy I got Jerry Apolonio as my Sociology and Anthropology professor. Everybody said they enjoyed SA because of him. Now I just need to come to class in time every day. I was always late for my 7:30 Chemistry class last semester; I vow to kick that habit now.

I got Pathways for Higher Education as my host LTS (Literacy Training Service) class for my NSTP (National Service Training Program). I thought I can get to choose my NSTP class, but they already pre-enlisted it for me. But what’s amazing is, I was pre-enlisted in my top choice! How fortuitous is that?

I don’t really mind having to spend my Saturdays with three hours of Accounting and teaching kids, in fact, I’m looking forward to it. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Ballroom dancing. My dream PE class since freshman year. :)

Law, Economics, Introduction to Communication and Theory. I don’t know what to expect here, except that our block will still be together in these classes (along with SA and NSTP *sighs*). I will just allow myself to be surprised.

Looking back, having eight subjects feels very demanding. Especially hearing that Law takes a lot of time to study, and Accounting, too. I am going to learn a totally new language, practice some dance moves, not to mention my Celadon and The Guidon stuff, I’m now sensing this is going to be a hectic semester.

I really need to start to effectively manage my time. *takes a deep breath*


7 thoughts on “Sealed with Fate

  1. preenlisted ang nstp mo? shocking!! and accounting mo saturday? oh well…hehehehe…i only have 7 subj…parang ang bigat ng workload mo ahh…taking into consideration that almost all those subjects are new to you…goodluck!!

    • Yeah, I don’t know why my NSTP is pre-enlisted, but I couldn’t click on the enlist/delist button anymore, haha. I really think it’s going to be a tough sem. xD

      I saw your sched too! Really nice, half days lang and 7 subjects. Mine’s 8. And many of my blockmates had advanced classes, so 7 subjects lang din sila. o.O

      • nice nga ehh…i only have 15 units (technically, w/o pe and nstp)…and kahit na last batch ako, i still got a very nice sched…hahahaha…my sister told me underload daw ako…hahahaha…

  2. I winced at the big pink block for accounting haha. Congrats on ballroom and LTS! I have LTS too, but in the morning.

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