Rainy Thursdays, Random Thoughts

Rotten Tomatoes and ReTweets.

Funny how I managed conjure phrases with RT in it in just a few seconds!

So much has happened to me these past few months, it is overwhelming to think of spilling everything in one whole entry as much as I would like. Someday, I will write more regularly in this blog. Someday.

In order to let out at least some things yearning to be released from my cluttered mind, I will simply slice them up into pieces of reflections with one-word headings, starting now.


I recently finished reading Thanks for the Memories by Cecilia Ahern. Ahern has truly captured my heart with her touch of fairytale magic in a modern world. She writes beautiful prose I wish I could have written myself. It tells the strange, unexplainable connection between two people: Justin Hitchcock is a handsome man passionate about art history and architecture. Joyce Conway is a woman in her thirties who recently lost her child in an accident, with a marriage crumbling to pieces. Their connection is related to deja-vu, a phenomenon that I have not experienced before, yet was nicely embedded in this story. The plot was fairly simple and a tad predictable, but I longed to read something less serious anyway.

The beautiful thing about fiction (in this case, chick-lit) is these things might never happen in real life, but reading about these stories always gives readers happier, lighter hearts thereafter.

Some of my favorite quotes:

It’s funny how people mark their lives, the benchmarks they choose to decide when a moment is more of a moment than any other. For life is made of them. I like to think the best ones are in my mind, that they run through in their own memory bank for no one else but me to see.

He liked to remind himself that his entire world hadn’t fallen apart. Sometimes we need all the glue we can get, just to hold ourselves together.

Joyce: … this sounds so ridiculous.

Frankie: “Who cares? When has life ever made sense?

I’m now reading Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Coelho, a very wisdom-filled book with lots of individuality, desperation, and touches of craziness poured into it. I’m enthralled by how Coelho has managed to place “pretend” and “insane” in the same sentence. Quite a compelling read, and I aim to finish reading it by tomorrow. :)

Other books I have read this summer (in chronological order):

How to be Good, Nick Hornby

Eat Pray Love, Elizabeth Gilbert

Slumdog Millionaire, Vikas Swarup

The Philosophy Files, Stephen Law


It is the time you have wasted for your rose
that makes your rose so important.

– The Little Prince

I planned to spend my summer realigning my goals and become a fitter, more organized, in time for my sophomore year, which will begin in two weeks’s time. I now wonder if I spent my summer right: Hong Kong, summer class, teaching public high school students, reading, Tweeting (Twitter is just too amusing), blogging, writing for The Guidon, spending time with my family, attending Celadon manager meetings, etc. etc.

Looking back, I had quite a nice, unpredictable, notably productive summer. I wished I could have spent more time with my friends though. I miss them every day. I wish I could have learned more new things, like Italian, the foreign language I intend to take up this coming first semester.

I can’t wait for second year to start! Classes in Italian, SA, Law, Communication, Accounting (you don’t scare me) and (hopefully) ballroom dancing await me. Also extra-curricular stuff, the stuff that a fun-filled college life is made of. And insane professors and Hell Weeks. It’s AdMU’s sesquicentennial year, too. I am also looking forward to NSTP (National Service Training Program), longing to go back and give impoverished children the some education they deserve.

One of my top wishes this coming year (Dean’s List and Junior Term Abroad qualifications notwithstanding) is to be able to build more lasting, real friendships. I love spending time alone, but I love being around people I care about more. And I really need to work on balancing moments of solitude with simply hanging out with all the wonderful people around me.


I have made it a habit to save some epiphanies I have (and I believe everyone has) which in my virtual notepads on my mobile phone and iPod, being afraid to forget. You can either agree or disagree with me all you want, though. :)

Sometimes, there are no right or wrong decisions in life, that’s why it’s hard to decide at times. And that’s what makes life interesting.

Everybody, from that little child begging on the street to the eccentric homosexual, has something special in them that we can all learn from and be inspired with.

Be true to yourself. It should be the very first thing you remind yourself every day. ;)

We don’t inherit our identity and character, we get to invent it. We can reinvent ourselves as often and as much as we like. When we wake up in the morning to a new day, we get to decide what kind of person we’re going to be. :)


5 thoughts on “Rainy Thursdays, Random Thoughts

  1. Wow, you’ve had such a productive summer. Unlike me. haha

    I’d like to be more active in Celadon, but I don’t know anyone in pubs. :p

  2. your epiphanies are so true!! it’s good to know that you’ve been reading books, ang dami mong nabasa ngayong summer ahh…buti ka pa…i think i just read a couple, with the second one still unfinished…sigh…keep those posts coming!! they really amuse and inspire me…

    • What are you reading Jen? Ok lang yan, I could also have read more books, but I read really slow.. I’m really striving to keep this blog more updated. I’m so glad that you like my posts! Thank you!:)

      • i finished reading shakespeare’s secret by jennifer lee carrell…a really nice book…i’m currently reading duma key by stephen king…hehehehe…my brother told me it is a really good book…

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