Hong Kong, fasting, among other things

We’re going to Hong Kong tomorrow *excited to bits* for four days. It is probably our seventh (or is it eighth? Never bothered to keep track. Better ask Sheila. Her answer: “Endless!”) time to go on a vacation on China’s tiny territory and one of the most densely populated places in the world. Not that I’m complaining, but I silently wish that we travel to someplace new and more exciting this time (like Korea, or India, or any other Asian country I haven’t been to yet). Then again, it’s just a company trip. Daddy told us that he will take us to more exciting places without other people tagging around. :) After all, there is always something new to see and experience on a foreign land, even though you have been there endless times already. You just have to keep your mind open and your imagination run free.

And I plan to do just that. I wish the next four days would not be any ordinary trip to Hong Kong. I do not like to spend the whole trip shopping, even though that is what most people go there to do. I want to go sightseeing. I want to learn more of their culture. I want to gain new perspectives. And I wish the other grown-ups would not get in the way.

*starts to surf the Web for new places to see*


My head is starting to hurt. I wonder if that is a result of me not eating any solid food today. I only drank a whole pitcher of special fruit juice my mom bought for me (I am starting to think she is more concerned about my weight than I am). It is the second time in one week that I fasted, and I am happy more of because that I have been able to control myself from a basic human need, and less of the fact that I will be able to lose a pound or two when I wake up the next day. Oh, and that I am fasting on Holy Wednesday. Now that is the first ever Holy Week sacrifice I have managed to fulfill. :D

My sister is quite incredulous that I had the “willpower” to not eat anything for a whole day. She said she could never do that, given her huge appetite but enviously stick-thin figure, while here I am, striving to shed a few pounds and getting hurt as my mom tells me I looked thinner in a picture taken in Hong Kong Disneyland a couple of years ago.

Well, that’s my mom, clearly more concerned about my weight than the far more important things, like my future or something. She comments more about my eating habits than my study habits. But that’s Mommy. I love her just the way she is.

I can’t wait to eat real food again tomorrow *stomach roaring*! And the best part is, food is always way more delicious in other countries! But I vow to walk more than eat more. Who says you can’t lose weight while on vacation? ;)


3 thoughts on “Hong Kong, fasting, among other things

  1. why are you fasting to lose weight? i think your figure is just fine…i actually have the opposite problem…i don’t seem to gain weight…hahahaha…you know i eat a lot, but instead of gaining weight, i seem to be losing more weight…hahahaha…don’t fast…hahahaha…your figure is just fine…hahahaha…

    P.S. i’m currently in hk…hahahaha…hope to see you around!!hehehehe…

  2. hi dess.. so you’re loosing weight?.. well, same here. i need it too cause i’m dancing so it looks better with petit figure.. hahaha! wow! not eating any solid food for one day. I don’t think i can do that. haha! but if ever you’re really loosing weight, my advice is that you should eat but eat less rather that eating nothing at all because eating nothing will slow down your metabolism. (wow, i can’t believe i’m saying this.. haha!) so ayun.. believe me. I’ve been there, done that and what happened to me? i lost one inch off my waist and my hips in a week. for me it’s a big step cause being BIG runs in my family.. hahaha! better safe that sorry, eh?.. oh and by the way, my mom is concerned about my weight too. hahaha!=)

    • Hey Jobie! Sorry for the late reply, Internet was busted.. Anyway, you’re right, eating nothing and skipping meals all the time does not really work in the long run, haha I just wanted to fast for the experience and to “clean” my body hahaha :) Wow losing an inch in a week? I wish I can do that too. :) Thank you for the advice! I am starting to eat less (less junk food and rice and no softdrinks *but cannot resist chocolates* xD), hoping I am losing more weight now. xD

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