We can soar as high as we want to be.

Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop, also said: “Be special, be anything but mediocre.”

This wonderful wonderful, mesmerizing photo belongs to Rosie Hardy, not to me. She deserves all the credit. This is her photostream. It would be quite nice to see for yourself how talented and creative this young artist is.


Everybody (well, for those who care a lot about academics and org work) has been going on about how next week is going to be Hell Week before Christmas. Yes, before our much-awaited Yuletide break, us students first need to undergo a series of papers, long exams, quizzes, and more sleepless nights. Not to mention I still (and I think many of us) have yet to buy presents for my friends, and I have one Sunday left for shopping! It is time for full-panic mode – whatever that means.

The last four (or less than that, given the amount of holidays and free cuts that have occurred) weeks have been a total pandemonium – in a very exhilarating way, such that I have been able to do so much. A lot of unexpected things have happened: some funny, some surprising, some awful, and some completely ridiculous.

I have lost my wallet in National Book Store, cut a class for the first time, almost lost my ID (which happened today), was 40 minutes late for English class (today), crammed a paper three hours before submission (happened yesterday), and bumped my shin on a metal rod sticking out of a pole in the tennis courts (yesterday), got two zeroes on two short quizzes, and totally forgot that I had a 3pm Filipino class one lazy Tuesday afternoon and instead spent a whole hour chatting with a friend, and then I went to class 3:30pm – 30 minutes late!

Yes, I am a klutz, as you can see very well. All that I have mentioned above happened in a span of two weeks.

But then, in spite of all that, I came to realize that good things always outnumber the bad. And I am quite thankful for both cases. If you haven’t felt hunger, you will never know the feeling of being full, and that is also the case with failures and successes, loneliness and euphoria, unfortunate events and serendipitous ones.

Amidst the series of crazy and stupid things that occurred to me the past few weeks, more amazing and wonderful things have happened in between. One time I lent my lanyard to my blockmate because he left his ID at home and needed something to cover-up from those looming security guards. As our classes ended for the day and he returned my lanyard to me as I offered to accompany him to his locker, he hugged me right then and there, saying that I helped him the whole day.


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