Multitasking is never my thing (Calculus book lying unnoticed on my lap)

Listening to: Mamma Mia, revived by A*Teens

Reading: Introduction to Calculus (topic: limits and continuity)

Mood: sleepy but my mind is spinning like crazy

Drinking: Silk Chocolate soymilk (random trivia: Silk is the brand of soymilk that Starbucks uses.)

Downloading: More Regina Spektor Songs

Surfing the Internet must be a form of indirect art. I spent almost the whole day today (no classes today, due to Faculty Day in school. I so love Ateneo.) scouring the Net for anything of interest to me. Link after link after link – in the world of Cyberspace, the stuff you learn, see, hear, and discover is limitless. And just today, I have discovered dozens of interesting sites and blogs – and consequently bookmarked on my page. I have more than 400 bookmarks now.

Here are some of the sites I found recently:

1. A Juicy Firefox Add-on

2. Blog of a creative innovator

3. – self-explanatory

4. Time, Attention, and Creative Work

5. A Site dedicated to everything GOOD

6. Tons and tons and tons of articles from all the online news and book sources you can imagine, all in one site.



9. A blog dedicated to hilarious fail moments.

10. Have some Morning Coffee every morning

I am so psyched for Celadon’s Leadership Development Program tomorrow, even though my parents still are too paranoid to allow me to stay overnight with fellow Celadoneans inside the campus. I don’t mind though, since I will still go back to the venue Sunday morning, in time for the next activities. Too bad I won’t be able to bond and share stories with prospective new friends while lying on thin blankets late into the night and waking up with aching backs the next morning. I do hope I will get along well with the other participants, seeing as I do not know most of the people who joined the program! Thank goodness I know most of the Executive Board members – the reason I am not quite nervous about what will happen the next two days.

The first week of second semester is exhilarating – so much has happened in just four days, I cannot keep up! Well, keeping a record of everything, that is. As much as I want to write all the details of the past four days of insipid and interesting professors, new friends, lessons learned, funny moments, there is simply no time to write them all. I managed to type down the highlights on my iPod touch last night though, because I do not want to risk forgetting. Every moment of life is a life worth living, after all.


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