Start of Something New

I have exactly 29 and a half hours left before I begin a new beginning in my freshman year of college. I have a busier schedule than last semester, but I have a more realistic wake-up time now, given that my earliest class is at 7:30AM, compared to a 6:30AM call time for running class.

My Class Schedule


I am more than ready for brand new professors, Chemistry, Introduction to Poetry, tennis, five days of Applied Calculus for Business, more org activities, and building stronger friendships. What I am not ready for is the prospect of having more group works and projects, especially ones involving skits and plays. I am already suspecting that this would be the case in my Lit 14 class (Intro to Poetry). *Sighs* If only I can act and speak well, think on my feet, and have a lot of guts inside me. Then again, I CAN have all those skills, I just have to have more faith in my abilities.

This second semester, I resolve to:

– Make more friends and stay connected with old ones.

– Become more active in Ateneo Debate Society, in spite of being intimidated by all the really good speakers and the close-to-nil chance of becoming a serious debater. I only aim to improve my public speaking skills, and this may be my way of doing it.

– Get enough sleep. But then again, papers, projects, groupworks and exams will start piling up soon enough – and I carry the motto AMDG (Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, and also, Ang Matutulog Di Gragraduate) Ha ha. I will still try though. Sleep is essential. *winks*

– Hang around the Celadon Room more.

– Speak up!

– Stop caring about what others think.

– Go to mass once in a while.

– Take risks and challenge myself.

– Continue caring for and helping people in whatever way I can.

– Get straight A’s. (Hey, anybody can dream big.)

– Take more pictures.

– Believe in thyself.

– Keep in touch with my high school friends.

– Be happy in everything I do.

– Practice carrying conversations well.

– Practice speaking English fluently.

– Manage my time well.

– Stick to my hundred-peso food budget every day.

– Make plenty of new friends, and become closer with old ones.

– Learn to love all the people around me.

And lastly,

Live college life one day at a time. :)

What I love about college is that what happens one day will be so different from the next. I always look forward to going to school every morning with the thought of new lessons to learn, people to meet (who might become potential friends), stories to share, countless activities to join. Not to mention hunting for new dishes to try out for lunch! Of course, the occasional pop quizzes, droning professors’ voices, and frustrating math problems are inevitable, but that is all part of the colorful, challenging, crazy college world, and I love every shade that comes with.

“Live is not about finding yourself. It is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw


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