With 9 Days Left of Sembreak,

– what’s a girl who always has her head in the clouds to do? Propitiously (a fancy word for fortunately), she has been having a very eventful and hectic semestral break yet. But of course, everybody can have a fruitful, wonderful, and fun break without any boring parts in between, you just have to put your mind to whatever you are doing in order to enjoy every minute and every second of your days. In her case, she is merely trying to be happy and make the most of this month by keeping herself busy with activities both daunting and trivial.

As for her, this past month has been full of wary thoughts, wacky and wholesome gimmicks, family bonding, catching up on friends, and there were plenty of stupefying (another fancy word for surprising) revelations – in which I would only care to elaborate on the next time around.

For some reason nobody knows (or maybe even cares), she has been keeping track of the significant things she did during this month-long vacation. And so, she will thus continue with a possibly entertaining and boring list of things she has done.

Read Tuesdays with Morrie

Went to the dentist

Read At First Sight

Went to 168 no once, twice, but thrice

Stumbled upon Kerry

Have him come over to her place for a whole afternoon

Went to the cemetery

Had a talk with her grandmother

Made tons of earrings

Plurk some more

Went to eat at Pepper Lunch with family

Mindlessly surf the net

Watch a few more episodes of Gossip Girl

Spent some time in Fully Booked Glorietta

Had the most shocking text conversation with Mommy

Hung out with Kim, Kat, Shara, and Louie at RP to watch High School Musical

Wrote a few more private blog entries

Had the most intellectual conversations with her younger sister

Helped out in washing the car

Memorized Our Father by heart

Did some exercise


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