Freewriting Post

As I go through life day by day, I constantly see many things that are wrong in this culture and society. This evening, on television, for example, while having dinner, we were watching Family Feud and the topic of the survey is: (Spoken in Filipino) What are the things a human cannot live without? I immediately answered from the top of my head: Food, clothing, and shelter! Duh. And yeah, oxygen for breathing. It was all too simple. But no, survey says the top 5 things a human being cannot live without are:

1. Food

2. Water

3. Cell phone

4. Air

5. Television

I am not sure if this list is missing something, but I can assure that it was listed in that order. Cell phones and TV? Can we really cannot live with these two inventions? Of course, I am thankful that I am in a time wherein technology helps us become more efficient, civilized, connected, well-informed human beings, but then, I seriously believe that something is wrong with this picture. And get this: I know many people who cannot leave their mobile phones from their sight for more than an hour, lest a friend might send a text, or just in case a crush might send a greeting. I know many people who spend hours in front of the television watching mindless shows and melodramatic soap operas. I cannot even last half an hour in front of the TV without getting restless. Maybe it’s just me, but I think that we should watch less TV and read more books. Text less and talk to people in person. Where have meaningful, personal conversations gone? Is there something beneficial we get out of spending plenty of our precious minutes in front of the television? Cannot we really live without cell phones and television?

Why have many succumbed to living a life full of superficial things and thoughts?

This entry looks pretty messy, but I guess that’s the point of freewriting. Spill out your thoughts without thinking, and never lift your fingertips away from the keyboard. Good writing exercise, methinks. :D


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