Sleepy thoughts

I am sleepy, however i do not want to sleep yet. I feel like as if I have not made the most of my day, as if there too little time for everything I want to accomplish.

I planned to update my blog every day: I have skipped a few days, while most of my entries were only lists.

I planned to catch up on my reading while I have all the free time on my hands: As pathetic as it sounds, I am struggling to finish reading one book since last week, particularly, The Thirteenth Tale. Thank goodness I am finally on the last few chapters of this mystery novel.

I planned to redecorate my study table: All I have managed to do is strip its wooden surface bare of water-stained colored paper.

I know I am supposed to chill, after all, that is what a break is about, right? To relax and free ourselves from homework and stress. I am not stressing myself right now, but with all this unstructured time I have, I always ask myself: Is this the best I can do?

Hmm. What did I do today? Aside from the usual stuff,

I watched two more episodes of Gossip Girl.

The sixth episode is the best one so far – and I think it’s because it involves applying to an Ivy League School – my lifelong dream. Not that Gossip Girl gave me some clue as to how in the world ordinary people like me would need to do to get in, but still, it’s entertaining to see how the social elite does it. All Serena did was charm her way through the dean, which would never work in real life. I learned that one has to really stand out, though, and do a lot of crazy, exciting, impressive, and risky things. Like be part of Fashion Week. But how about conservative,simple Filipinas like me? What can I do to stand out? What can I do to get into a school like Yale? Sometimes it’s so hard to dream when that dream feels unreachable. Then again, getting into an Ivy League university is my dream, and I will do everything to achieve it.

Texted my friends details for our gimmick tomorrow, at DLSU and Robinsons Place Manila.

Sigh. I have just read my friend’s blog, which she made with two of her best friends for them to update on each other’s lives while they are apart. Although they do not update it as much, I somehow feel a pang of envy as they seem to have tight bonds through their college years. I wish we would always stick together, too. We are only our first year of college anyway, and we still are getting used to our new schedules, new friends, and new challenges that college brings. Shucks, I am such a worrywart. I need to stop all this. I am in fact going out with them tomorrow! Now that is a sign that we are doing something to keep in touch.

Burned (or in Mac’s case, toasted) DVDs of Gossip Girl for Kim.

I miss doing small deeds like these for my best friends. I am thinking of making an Ultimate Playlist, too. But it’s already 12:35am, and I have to get up by 9 tomorrow.

Printed out Free Love: Free Photocopying to show my dad.

I do hope Daddy would like this idea and support my new friend, and maybe ask some more of his clients to advertise, too. He is a really cool person. I admire smart people who do a lot of interesting things (like start a business involving free photocopying on campus), has a curious eye for the world, and is thirsty for knowledge and wisdom (like me!). Now this free photocopying thing is called innovative thinking. Okay, it wasn’t an original idea but still. It’s nice to see people taking big steps and being proactive to make change happen. I wish I could be like that.

Speaking of innovation, I have read a blog entry by an innovator named Mark Ruiz that talks about being innovative. His idea is simple, and he made it as an activity for his students: do something every day that you have never done before in your life. Yes, every day. It does not matter what, as long as you do something new, like bake some cookies or read a book about cloning.

To become more innovative, Ruiz says that one has to have an “insatiable mind”, an absolute curiosity about things, and to everyday occurrences with different lenses.

I want to become innovative. Maybe I should start doing something brave and new for a change. No, scratch that. I SHOULD do something brave and new.

Oh my gosh. I am browsing a Filipino website, right now, called whynotforum and this message really hit me hard:

Think new thoughts.

Share big dreams.

Do brave things.

Why not? A lot of us too scared to stray out of our comfort zones, and I do not want to be one of them.

I want to start thinking new thoughts, sharing big dreams, and doing brave things.

Why wait? All we have is now.

My brave thing for today: Publish this entry for all the world to see, even though this entry is pretty flawed and messy. Still, I think this will be more of use being out in the open than keeping this entry to myself.

Went out with Mommy for dinner at Robinsons Place.

We ended up having one of the most horrible dinners we have ever had. And it was all my fault because I chose that “new pasta and rice experience” restaurant. I cannot even remember the full name of the place. It’s “Kulinarya” – something. But we made up for it by getting some sumptuous dessert at Cerealicious for me, while mommy bought some delectable frozen yogurt at a stall at which I also forgot what it’s called.

Read The Thirteenth Tale.

And I am almost done reading. My next read: Tuesdays with Morrie, by Mitch Albom. I can’t wait to start on a new book! The 13th Tale was a bit of a disappointment for me. It was really exciting to read at first, but it gets dragging near the end. That is just my opinion, though. Unsurprisingly, many people liked the book.

Updated my blog.

Which I am doing right now, obviously. And I’m glad that looking back what I have written, my day was not so bad. I have done what I could, while I am looking forward to a new day tomorrow. I am going to watch High School Musical 3 with my high school friends, as cheesy as that flick may be (and my mom teased me about watching it), I don’t care. I am going crazy here, being stuck at home for four days straight, and I miss my friends terribly. :)


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