9 Days of Sem Break

I can’t believe this. Nine fabulous days of sembreak have flown away. Just like that. There are 20 days to go before the flurry of an eventful college lifestyle starts again, which I believe will be full of unexpected twists and surprises – more than what I had able to handle in my first few months of college. Anyway, here are some things I have accomplished last week.

I have…

Created a WordPress blog and written three entries.
Still not enough for an aspiring writer, I know. I need to keep writing, and quickly this time.

Seen the first five episodes of Gossip Girl.
I liked the first season’s twisted plots much better; nonetheless, GG never fails to entertain every ordinary teen (and mom, too) with its very original script and incredibly perfect (not to mention sexy) cast. I couldn’t task for more from a TV show. I also loved the ads and giant billboards found in NYC itself. It’s real ingenuity! My advice to those who are avid viewers Gossip Girl? The only things you should copy from this show are their outfits. And as for me, I like Serena’s style best.
Went on an amazing long-awaited date with Ahya in Greenbelt 3. I love you. ;)
Read through half of The Thirteenth Tale, by Diane Setterfield.
This mystery novel is so beautifully written. It amazes me how writers put so much thought and detail on a story. How powerful imaginations are. This is a story about the story (also called meta-fiction) of a famous writer who had a mysterious past and only revealed her life story to a biographer after a few decades. I am not good at summarizing, so let me just leave it at that for now.

Had a hair spa treatment at David’s Salon.
My mother even brought her gym friend into the parlor because this friend of hers apparently wants to see how I look like. Well, she did, only that I have a huge ball of heater thingy on top of my head. It was amusing, though, knowing that my mom talks about me to her friends. Makes me feel noticed, in a way.

Posted some photography on Flickr.
I will reveal my so-called Flickr photostream once I have taken more half-decent photos of anything I find inspiration on, ranging from my jewelry to the plants outside our home. Yes, I am hugely interested in photography, and I am desperate to learn, with only a digital camera, a dwarfish tripod, and some imagination I can conjure from my mind.

Went out with my blockmates and watched Tropic Thunder.
Shangri-la Plaza – There were about 10 of us, and I definitely had a great time; Tropic Thunder was the best comedy flick I have seen in such a long time, and my blockmates were so lively and hyper, I couldn’t help but join in the fun – even in their photo sessions.

Reached 14th place in Plurk rankings as the Plurker in the Philippines with the most fans: 124. But now it went down to 22nd place in the Philippines and 241st in the world.
It’s interesting to think that something always seems to happen when you least expect it. In this case, I only really joined this micro-blogging site to have a somewhere to pour out my thoughts for the day, not to have a horde of fans following my Plurks. But then, I don’t believe half of them read my Plurks anyway.

Posted 243 Plurks, responded to 346, has 47 friends, 121 fans, and 259 profile views.
Plurk has become my main source of social interaction online now. I have been on invisible mode on YM since summer. Plurk works better for me; it’s less intrusive, and simply reading the thoughts and rants of friends and even what they are currently doing in real time is always fun. Plurk is the new YM – at least for me.

Faithfully read Time and Newsweek magazines.
I get my healthy dose of current events and worldviews from Time and Newsweek, and Reader’s Digest, too. Reading about the current financial crisis, global warming, nonstop violence and wars keeps me grounded and aware that I am one of the fortunate ones who have a stable life, studies in one of the most prestigious universities in the country, and has a family who loves me unconditionally.

Now this makes me even guiltier. I want to do something, anything, that would make this guilt go away. I am yearning to help make a difference. But how?

Cleaned my room.

Had a nice long chat with my best friend Katherine on the phone.

Spent quality Sundays with my family.

Helped my younger sister with her Algebra.
– Which gives me a bad headache. My alma mater has some serious issues with some of its faculty, particularly a math teacher who gives tantrums and is too arrogant to be an algebra teacher. I cannot get his teaching methods. No wonder my sister gets low grades. Solving math problems should be done in a simple manner that can be understood as easily as possible. He, on the other hand, complicates things. It’s hard to explain to my sister who only wants to follow his solutions. It’s frustrating.

Went out of the house and walked around the subdivision.
Something I have not done in a long time. Now that I’m older, it’s more intimidating to go around in my house clothes, especially when there are builders around.

Ceaselessly daydreamed and pondered about my lifelong dreams, short-term goals and how I will ever achieve them.
I am such a worrywart, but these questions seem to always nag my conscious self: why isn’t something exciting and life-changing happening to me yet? Why am I not living my dream? What is my dream in the first place? I am scared that I might not be seeing opportunities that may be staring at me right in the face now. I am afraid that I may be playing my life too safe.

Bought a new set of headphones, the novel Blindness by Jose Saramago, some house clothes from the Surplus Shop, and, a pair of dark purple jeans plus a nice blouse from Kamiseta.

(Almost) read the Time for Kids Almanac 2009 from cover to cover in one sitting.

Discovered that my final grades in English is a B+, with my final paper having the highest grade in the whole class: 96.

Went strolling in 168 by myself.
I only wanted to go to that crowded, disorderly shopping place in Binondo because of a single stall that sells raw materials for jewelry making – earrings, in particular. Last summer, I was able to make dozens of earrings from different kinds of beads, a pair of pliers, and a bit of creativity. I am running out of beads and I wanted to make more. Earrings are my favorite accessory. Unfortunately, I could not find that stall anymore. I walked around the place for a good one and a half hour only to leave with a shirt, a fake Kipling pouch, and a shimmery headband. At least I did not leave empty-handed.

That goes for my first week of sembreak in a nutshell. I would say that it is not as productive as I wanted it to be, nonetheless I am pretty glad I do not regret anything I have done (or haven’t done). I pray the following weeks of my vacation would be more eventful, exciting, and more prolific, too.

Now let me catch up on The Thirteenth Tale. *wink*


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