88 Things to Do in My Life

This is my Life List, similar to that of Jamie Sullivan’s (Mandy Moore) in one of my favorite movies, A Walk to Remember. Naturally, I assume so many people out there have made something like this, too. In fact, this idea came to me because of a blog entry I have recently read, written by a truly inspiring girl, also a fellow Celadonean! Her name is Sheena. Although I have yet to get to know her, I want to thank her for inspiring me through her writing, reminding me of how life should be lived happily and with no regrets. We even have a few very similar dreams and goals that I would also want to put on my list (e.g. Watch a Broadway musical and spend Christmas in New York). But I do not want to write the exact same things (and I vow to never be a perpetrator of plaigiarism), so I will definitely make my Life List as original, creative, and as me as possible.

I am seventeen years old, turning legally eighteen in four months. Gee, I only noticed just now that my birthday is so near! Like every other girl, the number 18 is a very BIG deal.

I am almost eighteen and in my first year of college, but I have yet to find out what my greatest passion in life is. I still am in a limbo as to which path I want to take, I have yet to discover what truly makes me happy. I still do not have a clue as to what I would love to do for the rest of my life.

The problem with me is, I am so interested in so many things, all at once: I like writing essays and feature articles; I want to become a great writer someday. I think psychology is fascinating subject. I am interested in graphic design, photography, and the arts. Literature, too. And philosophy. I dream of being a great leader and to be able to be of service to people. I aspire to learn about different cultures around the world. Most of all, I want to make a difference in the world. I have pretty big dreams, and I believe that dreaming is an absolute must in life. It gives me something to hope for, to look forward to in life. My dreams are the main driving force that keeps me going. Practically speaking though, I may not be able to achieve them all.

So I definitely need to choose: what is truly important to me? What makes me happy?

Maybe in writing this list, I could have a clearer view of what I want to achieve in life. This list is changeable, though. I believe as I grow and learn more, my goals will change. But for now, in my seventeen years of my life, here are the things – no matter how big, small, trivial, insane and utterly crazy – that I am dreaming about.

88 Things

1. Spend Christmas in Disneyland Florida with my family.

2. Study in an Ivy League School.

3. Have a long and happy conversation with my grandmother.

4. Write a fictional story.

5. Meet and interview one of my favorite authors.

6. Fall asleep on the beach.

7. Curl my hair.

8. Paint my nails in different rainbow colors.

9. Fast for a whole day.

10. Read the Bible.

11. Throw a really great party for all my friends.

12. Get published in Young Blood.

13. Become a famous writer.

14. Be seen on TV.

15. Model for a magazine.

16. Watch a Broadway musical in New York.

17. See Lea Salonga perfom LIVE.

18. Tell my Dad that I love him. Personally.

I am able to do this to my mom. In fact, I always express my love to her all the time. To my dad, however, it’s a different story.

19. Travel to another country ALONE.

And I have to make friends with people from different countries.

20. Travel with my friends.

21. Learn to speak in a foreign language fluently AND use it.

22. Go skydiving.

23. Go rock-climbing.

24. Go bungee jumping.

25. Live in New York.

26. Study in one of London’s finest universities.

27. Get close and really befriend one of my professors in the Ateneo.

28. Watch a UAAP game LIVE.

29. Wish on a shooting star.

30. Send a poverty-stricken child to school.

31. Learn how to pray the rosary.

32. Learn to play the piano.

33. Learn to play the guitar.

34. Make a canvas painting.

35. Go on an African Safari.

36. See the Egyptian Pyramids.

37. Meet Rosie Hardy and Aaron Nace in person,

And tell them how much they have touched my life.

38. See the sunset with my boyfriend.

And take a beautiful picture of it. To catch the moment.

39. Watch the sun rise on the horizon.

40. Chat with my little sister for the whole night.

It’s been a while since we have done this. :)

41. Become a Disney Imagineer.

42. Help educate and empower the youth.

43. Get a master’s degree.

44. Get a doctorate degree.

45. Help fight poverty in a big way.

46. Plant a tree.

47. Become a good debater.

48. Become a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador.

49. Get published in the Reader’s Digest.

Or better yet, become a regular writer.

50. Participate in an international event.

51. Watch the Olympics LIVE.

52. Start a business.

53. Earn a million dollars.

And give half of it to educate the youth.

54. Become a great artist/photographer/graphic designer.

55. Dress fashionably.

56. Learn how to put on makeup properly.

57. Be a fun, devoted, and loving mother to my children.

58. Own a house.

59. Have the greatest husband ever.

60. Be incommunicado for a whole day.

61. Travel around a whole continent with my love.

62. Guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

63. Learn to be a good speaker.

64. Win the Nobel Prize.

65. Love and stay in love with my husband forever.

66. Write a book.

67. Send my kids to the most prestigious schools in town.

68. Memorize Our Father by heart.

69. Get interviewed by someone.

70. Serve God for His Greater Glory.

71. Become a philanthropist.

72. Help make a big difference on the environment. Start an effective campaign.

73. Figure out the number one thing I am good at.

74. Have 1000+ Plurk responses.

75. Compile a book of my all-time favorite quotes.

76. Fill a wall with all the most beautiful pictures.

77. Bake a cake.

78. Don’t look in the mirror for a whole day.

79. Create my own product and brand name.

80. Get a part-time job as a Starbucks barista.

81. Be part of a fashion show.

82. Go scuba-diving.

83. Read all the classics.

84. Build a library in my dream house.

85. Drive a car without a chaperone

86. Ride a limousine.

87. Learn a martial art.

88. Work for Apple.


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