WordPress is so pretty, yet I will not leave my LJ // Opening Post – Friendship Blues

Plurk is so addicting, I keep it open on my browser the whole day. I’m already amused just by reading the Plurks of my friends, mostly of fellow Celadoneans.

I love Ateneo-Celadon mainly because of the people, the Celadoneans themselves. They must be the coolest Atenean Chinoys I will ever meet, seriously. Everyone is nice, friendly, and gives out fun vibes all the time.I must be a fool to almost not join this org, since I will be missing out on a LOT. My Plurk page would definitely be lifeless, too.
Every Celadonean I have made friends with has a unique and striking personality; they stand out, and absolutely know how to have fun.

I wish I will discover who my real friends are in college, soon. People around me seem have formed tight and really close friendships already. They call each other to meet up for lunch, plan Rock Band sessions, block outings – there is no awkwardness anymore. It’s like they have formed high-school-quality friendships all over again.

How about my blockmates? Sure my beloved Block R friends are always so eager to welcome me every time we meet, and we have already spent a lot of “bonding moments” with each other. But still. At the end of the day I feel like I do not belong anywhere, except by myself, which explains the countless days I eat lunch by myself and the hours spent daydreaming, wandering, walking – alone. I am so different from most of them, values-wise and interests-wise. Thankfully, I have found my way into the hearts of a select few of my blockmates, and to discover that we share same values and interests (good books! good movies! good music! good grades! you get the picture.) I believe I need to exert more effort into getting closer to them, though. I am definitely willing to do anything to make real friendships happen. I may have gotten used to being alone, but having great relationships and friendships mean so much to me.

OK. Stop. If there is one thing I have learned from Celadon, is to think happy thoughts and write happy words. Have fun and be crazy. Be silly. Speak up and express youself in the best way you can.

Next semester, I will still spend time with myself, but I want to spend much quality time with people around me, too, and make a real attempt to make not only friends, but form real, genuine relationships that will make my college life a brighter and more wonderful one.

And I also hope before this school year ends, I will get closer to some of my orgmates, my Celafriends (it’s nice to call them that). And maybe soon, I can proudly call myself a true-blue Celadonean. ;)


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